The Adventure Started in Hawaii

We met in Hawaii on the island of Oahu at BYU-Hawaii while studying Graphic Design. Through some miraculous Pintrest magic, we started dating and found that we really really liked eachother. So, I led Becca on a treasure hunt along Hukilau Beach and proposed.

Needless to say, she said “Yes” and we went to the Timpanogus Temple where we were sealed together for all eternity.

In between then and the start of this travelblogthing, we had lots of adventures, experiences and ideas that we may or may not share here. In the essence of time, let it suffice to say that we had 2 amazing children in that time and now, at the authoring of this post, they are 2 years old (Ben) and 4 months old (Will).

We are now in the midst of a van style road trip / lifestyle experience and we are having adventures. Traveling has been one of our dreams and now it’s a reality. We want to share our experiences with ppl, so that’s probably why you are here, reading this post. Yeah, so you are who we are sharing this stuff with. Enjoy and keep living your dreams!